Flo Lab 1

Computerized Vascular Flo-Lab

At Parks, we've kept your wish list at top of our to-do list. This approach has led to the Flo-Lab 2100-SX2- a system that helps you perform your job faster, easier and with greater satisfaction. The result is that you can provide better diagnosis and care for your patients.

Unmatched technology, engineering and ease of use combine to make Parks Flo-Lab the best performing vascular system available. Add Parks service and sales support, the tops in the industry, and you'll see why the Flo-Lab experience has kept us #1 for over 60 years.

So, when you're looking for a vascular system, look to the leader in performance, usability, reliability and service. We think you will agree, the Flo-lab is what a vascular system should be.

FLO-LAB 2100-SX2

  • Dual Frequency bi-directional Doppler, 8 & 4 MHz
  • Dual Channel Photoplethysmograph (PPG)
  • Dual channel Pneumoplethysmograph (PVR)
  • Quiet Programmable Multi-Speed Cuff Inflator
  • Multi-Port Inflator, Automatic Cuff Selector Module
  • 24” Wide Aspect Ratio, Touch Screen Monitor with swivel and tilt
  • Solid State Hard drive for improved reliability & faster start up
  • Moisture resistant, cleanable keyboard
  • Color Printer
  • Custom cart with ample storage and 4 Swivel Wheels
  • Built in trackball and gel holder
  • Wireless remote Control
  • Precision machined aluminum PPG clips
  • Arterial Cuff Package
  • On-site Installation and In-Service Training 
  • Optional Handheld IT temperature gun

SonovaE software

Our current SonovaE Software is the product of over 30 years of continuous refinement, based on experience in thousands of vascular laboratories worldwide. That experience has led to advances and improvements to make our systems more flexible and powerful than ever….while remaining simple and intuitive to operate.

SonovaE software

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Customizable
  • Custom sequences
  • DICOM,  Modality Worklist and Structured Report

Lower arterial tests

Segmental Pressures
Pulse Volume Recordings
Lower Digits

Upper arterial tests

Segmental Pressures
Pulse Volume Recordings
Upper Digits
Allen's Test/Palmer Arch
Thoracic Outlet
Steal Study

For more information, please call your local sales representative at (888) 503-1177

or email  flolab@parksmed.com

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